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Hi! I am Ayush Goyal, a third year undergraduate student of the department of Agricultural and Food Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

I love to get my hands dirty with python, I also enjoying making android apps and listening to music.

I am also selected as Google Summer of Code - 2017 student with OpenMRS orgaisation. I will be working on the Android Client project.

I am Executive Head - Projects and Open Source at Kharagpur Open Source Society (KOSS). KOSS aims at spreading the open source culture among the students of IIT Kharagpur by organising various events and conducting various workshops.
I am also an active contributor at Metakgp. It is the only open source organisation in IIT Kharagpur. It provides a platform where people with different interests come together to do some great things :).

You can connect with me on any of the following social links

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